Happiness You Can Come Out Now; I'm giving up

March 13, 2010
By AmyHikel SILVER, Bastrop, Texas
AmyHikel SILVER, Bastrop, Texas
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Where do I find it?
Tell me now,
can you give it to me?
Will you provide
all I want? All I need?
So far, the key can't be seen.
Will I find it in the green?
I can't live until I find it-
until I obtain it-
until I have it
in the deepest depths
of my cavernous soul.

Look there; is that it?
in the shade by the brook?
It's surely got to be
in the word of the Holy book
I don't believe so, though.
For, I've once turned to the sky,
only to be left to cry.
I could cross the vastest sea
to where it is I need to be;
maybe then I could see.

I am on a quest-
in search of
what I can't find
In the book-
In the brook.
What I can't see
beyond the sea.

Help me.

What I've lost is imperitive.
You'd maybe even ask:
"How could you lose yours? I've got mine!"
Of course you do;
You've not experienced what I have,
Have you?

Along the way,
when life collides with strife,
the most valuable thing
is easy to misplace.
Misplace, I do say

I'm on a quest.
I'm in search of
what I once possessed-
what I once expressed
every day
in the most wondrous way.
What I felt embedded in my bones
Now, my heart, it aches and moans
for the happiness that has gone away.

The author's comments:
Depression leads to desperation.

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