A Change In Plans

March 13, 2010
By VickyRenee SILVER, Lee&#39s Summit, Missouri
VickyRenee SILVER, Lee&#39s Summit, Missouri
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You left me, all alone, in complete darkness

I never thought you would just get up and walk away

I loved you, and you didn’t feel the same

You lead me on until I figured it out; you didn’t want me, ever

I thought we were supposed to be together, well that backfired

My plans for everything I ever dreamed of are now crushed

I can’t believe the way this worked out, but I wish it worked different

I would have loved to stay with you, but now that’s not going to work

I wish it worked, I really do; but, all I know for a fact is that, we can’t be friends

I can’t talk to you if you hate me
You were cruel and disappointed in me, and so I just went

Now you come back around asking for forgiveness

You get mad at me; so now I’m not talking to you; ever again

So, my last words to you are;


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