March 20, 2010
By fallenfrommercy GOLD, Blyn, Washington
fallenfrommercy GOLD, Blyn, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
I can't remember mine, so I'll just use one from Dante's Inferno:
"This way a good soul never passes..."

the tears fall
as I look in your eyes
because this is the night
I have to say goodbye

One day someone will ask me:

"What's it like to say goodbye?
losin' that one and only missing part?
What's it like to know,
that you broke your own heart?"

And I'll tell them:

You never know what love is
'til you're feelin' it right;
and I can safely say, that lovin'
him was the best time of my life

All I know is that my life was
darker before he came
like a fire burnin' brightly
through the rain
with just one smile
he eased the pain

And I'll say:

Baby hold your heart high
and don't ever forget to smile
don't worry about me
gettin' over you may take a while
but you can't love someone
when you're seperated by so many miles

I promise not to think
about you every day
because the time has come
where we must go our seperate ways
my broken heart might love again
yes,it may
I don't want it to
because I want you to stay......

I look at you, faking a smile
and lie to your face:
"I'll be okay."

Tears fall as
I look in your eyes
because this is the night;

I have to say goodbye

The author's comments:
my best boyfriend ever, moving far far away, need I say more?

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on Apr. 5 2010 at 7:10 pm
amazingkp. BRONZE, Lemars, Iowa
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Great job!!! I feel like i can feel her pain..and am in her shoes. I hope you keep writing. Check out some of my writings too if you have time. I love this one though!!

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