The Look In Her Eyes Tell Me Otherwise

March 25, 2010
By sergcast2 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
sergcast2 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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She cried and cried for a very long time
it was a cry that I would never forget
especially for the reason why she is here
you might think she is crying because
of her sickness that she is suffering
but the look in here eyes tell me otherwise

What is wrong with you people
who bring lives into this world
and decide to reject them
she does not deserve this
she does not deserve you
I am the voice of all of them
them being the ones reject by you

I am the voice of all of them
I am not the voice of who reject
who do you think you are
by deciding to reject them
look what you have done
to your own daughter or son

The look in her eyes, tell me otherwise
Reject, reject, and I will despise
What the hell is wrong with you
I will not take up with your lies.

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