Writers Block

March 18, 2010
By D.Monae SILVER, Appomattox, Virginia
D.Monae SILVER, Appomattox, Virginia
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"I'll cool your butt off if you think your hot stuff!"

Have you ever had one of those moments were you walk along and it seems your life is a book? That what is happening is not real all the bad and hate is only what flows from the ink-well of a ball point pen. You know at the end the good guys win and bad guys lose.That you will wake up and realize you are only a fictional character that can be scratched out and done over.Sometimes I feel like a play wright, overly dramatic in my own life.If I could only skip ahead to the last chapter so I could know the outcome,then maybe I could have equanimity! But the pages of my life have yet to unfold I am still in the rought-draft portion.So when the day comes that the pages do fall I can read them I can walk away a few pages closer to the end.

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