A Beautiful Day at the Beach

March 18, 2010
By KityKatt BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
KityKatt BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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It is a beautiful day.

The sun is bright and hot on your bare skin.

A breeze, blowing from the ocean, cools where the sun sears.

The salt on the wind fills your nostrils until you can taste it in your mouth.

The weather is beautiful today,



“You never loved me!”



There are no voices.

There is no yelling.

The only sound is the whispering waves.

“Why’d you even marry me then?!”

It is the gulls.

The annoying caws of the gulls breaking the silence.

You wish the gulls would fly away,

And leave you to your gentle contemplation.


But no.

“You disgust me!”


“I don’t even want to look at you anymore!”

The annoying gulls will not leave you be.

“Why don’t you just leave then?!”

Their caws will not be muffled.

“I hate you!”

No matter how hard you clamp your ears.

“I’m never coming back!”

No matter how hard you try.

“Do you hear me?!”

You can never escape.


. . .

From reality.


The air is salty and the wind is strong.

You feel something wet on your cheek.

You look up.

A storm is coming.

And it was such a nice day too.

The rain falls.

It falls wet and warm.

But you’re cold.

A splash of salty spray whips you in the face.

You taste the salt on your tongue.

Why did it have to rain?

It was such a nice day.

The rain falls down harder.

It’s not fair.

And harder.

. . .

Why did it have to rain?

The author's comments:
I truly believe that the cause of creativity is a person's desire to escape reality. Otherwise, why would we desire to exchange our reality with dreams?

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