Slowly Slipping Under

March 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Am I loud and clear?
The lies in your eyes, told a never ending tale
Scars that you forever placed on numerous individuals
That I was blind too perceive.
My vision has re-emerged,
To have a word
And say what I have been fearful too say.

Now that the chapter is over,
You’re going to miss my presence.
As, I continuously see you pointing
Your raunchy finger, placing the blame on me.
For that I admit I am for blame,
But please don’t act like your s*** don’t stink,
When you’ve been caught with her in your arms.

Stop being identified as a man w****,
For you’re famous for the number of fingers
You hold up when asked, who’s all been
Under your sheets.
If you haven’t learned anything from me
Take this to heart,
Time can’t erase
What we once had.

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