March 18, 2010
By A-S-G-P BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
A-S-G-P BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
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Decision can wear you down
break you but its your

decision and nobody can

make it for you
Decisions can weigh heavily
on you, you weigh the

pro & cons but you still

got a problem they don’t equal
Decisions can cause you mental
and physical harm
Decisions can be long term,
short term or any term

that you want but they

will always affect you
Decisions can help or hurt
others, they can be good

or bad
Decisions can haunt your
past or enlighten your
future or the other way around
Decisions can open or close doors
they can pull the shield off

of you and make you see all
Decisions can be the key to your
future or the wall that stops

you in your tracks
Decisions are like fingerprints
everyones are different and

they all lead to different

roads for different people
Decisions are the puzzle pieces
to your life choose the wrong
one and your short a piece

but the right one makes

you complete
But remember its your decision
and nobody can make it for you

The author's comments:
I was planning on joining the army and the decision was on my mind a lot and i just wrote

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