A Lack of Scent

March 18, 2010
By daisychains18 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
daisychains18 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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There used to be a scent
Comforting, calming, consoling.
It awakened the free spirit within,
Gave it a reason to exist.

There used to be a scent
That tumbled with loneliness and always came out victorious.
It never faded, nor did it try.
It was always there, to be the protector that only one could deny.

There used to be a scent,
So remarkable in its nature;
Ready to surround and never let go,
The only scent as pure as the snow.

There used to be a scent,
That foreshadowed the future but decided to linger anyway.
Until one indecisive moment
Of a turbulent filled winter’s day.

There used to be a scent,
It filled the body and made it feel whole.
Now that scent is gone,
And I’m all alone.

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