The Acheronian Occurrence

March 17, 2010
By Jersey71623 BRONZE, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
Jersey71623 BRONZE, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
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The epoch begins with masses around you laughing and strutting along

And you join in for much of it
Giddy, divine, on top of the World, ready to sing the song
All do at their twilight

When their aubade is sung,
The zenith is reached;
The grin reaches both lobes and the ladders top rung,
Looking to eschew the night any presentiments are forgone

But when the calignosity stumbles upon you and the darkness falls,
The worry does not sink in
It is only when the night does not end while you stare at your walls,
That the heartache does truly begin

The interval seems endless; the clock frozen
You are anguish; you are pain; you are the darkness
All have or will go through this time they feel that they are chosen
To live in the black eternal flame while it consumes them

Your walls are blank, your rivers dry
Your muscles concede, your mind turns dark
Your eyes will pray, your heart will cry
You’re a Cimmerian

But this is not infinite; nor is it immortal
For your eyes shall gaze upon that single burning star
This star, person or thing or place, is a portal
To return to the break of the dawn

The brightest star rises from the east
As it supersedes the black that once conducted your surroundings
This inevitable action is of my worries the least
As night becomes day once more.

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