You Didn't See

March 17, 2010
By Anonymous

You left.
You left oh so fast.

I loved you.
Of course you didnt see,
because you werent looking.
You didnt take the time to see
how much I actually cared for you.

You were my best friend.
We were always together.
The one night,
That horrible night
that we were together.

I told the officer differently.
I told him I had only seen you
In school.
When really we went for a walk.

We were gonna go to the park,
Our favorite park
where we had first met,
but we took a short cut
through an alley.

Someone was following us.
A girl.

You stopped me,
looked me straight in the eye
and said:

"You wont see me again,
Cover for me."

Then you ran off.

With that girl.

My heart: hollow.
Why couldnt you see my love?

What you didnt know,
Is that I was going to tell you.
I was going to confess.

But all has lead to this.
This note,
and this knife in my hand.

All because you didnt see.

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