Passing Strangers

March 6, 2010
By bayleedarling GOLD, Danville, Virginia
bayleedarling GOLD, Danville, Virginia
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Every time I see you,
I want to explore the park with you.
Swing on the kiddy swings,
and play inside the jungle gym with you.
We’ll fly kites together,
while the strings intertwine,
tangling into each other,
how I wish we were.

Every time I see you,
I want to ride a rollercoaster beside you.
To see if my heart could beat any faster,
any louder,
than it normally does around you.
Fear in my eyes,
but security next to you,
how I wish I could make you feel,
next to me.

Every time I see you,
I want to walk by the ocean with you.
At sunset,
or sunrise.
The warm sand between our toes,
As our hands hold each other,
waves crashing by our side,
what a wonderful setting,
to look into eyes as stunning as yours,
how I wish you saw in mine,
what I see in yours every time.

Every time I see you,
I just want it to be me,
instead of her,
I want to be visible to you,
us happy is all I see,
as we walk by each other,
like strangers,
passing on the street.

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