You are all the same

March 6, 2010
Yes, you.
tiny specks of light on color on clothing on bodies
that are all the same.
without my contacts I would not be able to differentiate
since you are all the same.
without my selective hearing I would
hear too many voices
that is really one voice,
since you are all the same.
a wave of sadness just swept past
makes me want to cry.
maybe it is harder to understand
for you, but you people. you animals. you creatures from God.
you are all the same.
captivated in your intelligent conversations about
and bursting at the seams with day dreams
that will be crushed by parents who
don't look where they step.
you are all the same
and me as I am
is nothing
but a girl who sees the
as a person
and it is all the same.
you are all the same
I cannot possibly stop.
since I: as mother and sister
am only another
piece to the puzzle.
because I am like everyone
and we are all the same.

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