The Stone King

March 12, 2010
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A waterfall of broken stones
Cascades down the coarse surface
Of the stone wall near my school.
In the sparkling afternoon light,
A dull rainbow shines from the stone
Of faded reds and oranges, and murky yellows.

The rocks are fragilely held together
By a carpet of evergreen moss
And willowy grasses tummeled by the breeze.
Leaves dance on the flat roofs of granite,
And hold to the base like shy children.
Its touch is hard and cold to my skin.
Out of place in nature’s play
The rock wall towers over us,
Its dull eyes watching every passing day.

I have never payed much attention
to its dour, fatherly observance.
Nor have I noticed how every winter
Under its heavy burden of ice and snow
Though it threatens to crumble
It holds together, a fragile package
Meant for all of us to treasure.

But even though the leaves fall
Like fresh December snow
And the birds chirp out
“Behold, the winter is here!”
The Stone King stands alone,
Regal and tall in its icy glower,
Patiently watching us all.

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CRAZYcubanSOLE said...
Dec. 2, 2010 at 6:15 pm
i really like it! keep it up :)
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