March 12, 2010
By SunsetSunrise SILVER, Scituate, Massachusetts
SunsetSunrise SILVER, Scituate, Massachusetts
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She never understood why he had limited opportunities
With the constant question of whether or not this moment, right here, was the last –

Whether or not the single speck of dust lying atop a piano
Was at its last viewing through his eyes
Or whether or not the vague aroma of freshly chopped grass
Was at its last smelling through his snow-white nostrils
He would never experience love, never experience even the question
Of what time was right to find the girl of his dreams

He had tubes connected to every inch of paleness
He had purple, blue & green bruises creating little
Patterns on the very low left side of his peeling back
His blood-shot eyes took away the angelic face he used to possess
The big, blue irises now contrasted flaming red lines

But he had other things to worry about, he said.
She definitely didn’t understand that one.
He had other things to worry about;
Things like who was winning the game, what homework
He had to finish up for the next day,
Who was hot, who was not, etc.

She didn’t understand why he had to go
And everyone else got to stay

It’s a confusing thing, death.
She didn’t realize that until now.
Now, when the one person she ever wanted
Has completely vanished from existence…
…Leaving her, stuck, on the other side

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