Pleasing a Kindergartener

March 11, 2010
By Emma Freemire BRONZE, Walnut Creek, California
Emma Freemire BRONZE, Walnut Creek, California
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Start with a Dora lunch box
It’s a good catch
Don’t forget the love note
to attach

Now… first step cut off crust
from the white bread
It’s a key tip
which I’ve always said

A nice piece of ham
and handful of peas
and a thin orange slice
of American cheese

A light spread of mayonnaise
to each side
You can finish up that sandwich
with a dose of pride

Some salty chips in a baggie
is always the best
You will surely pass
the kindergartener’s test

Sweets sweets sweets
are the magic touch
It will make the kindergartener
love you so much

Throw in a few
juice boxes to share
And then some fruit
like a juicy pear

You know that you’re a success
When its noon and the lunch is done
Your happy kindergartener with a full stomach
goes out to recess to play in the sun.

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