My Dream

March 11, 2010
By Allison Lenzora BRONZE, Manteca, California
Allison Lenzora BRONZE, Manteca, California
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Making a childhood dream come true is a hard thing to do
And as far back as I can remember, softball has been my life,
Probably since I was two.
The first time I picked up a mitt, ball and bat, I promised myself
I’d play and never look back.
Did I keep my promise? That’s a fact.
At 10, I told my friends that I’ll be the next Cat Osterman or Jennie Finch,
Telling them I’ll play college softball, getting there will be a cinch.
I didn’t know how much struggle, frustration and stress I’d have to endure
To one day be on top,
To be #1, the very best.
Now, at 17, my dream is still in my heart,
But this softball journey has been so stressful, yet I could never depart
From the sport that so quickly, captured my heart.
Bam! The games, wins, losses, hits and double-plays,
It’s that adrenaline feeling that flows through my veins.
I know I play 24/7, but it’s what I do, it’s who I am.
There’s a side of this softball life that ya’ll don’t see
And it’s the one thing that can absolutely get at me.
The side of writing college letter after letter
And things still not getting better.
Sometimes it feels like life is like a treadmill, you work so hard,
But you don’t move forward, but it’s not true.
People always telling me I’m one of the very best,
But life continues to push me and put me to the test.
It makes me second guess and want to give up my dream once and for all,
But what keeps me going are the people who are there when I seem to fall:
My parents, coaches and team never let me lose sight of my dream
And my friends bring me to my senses and make me realize,
I can’t quit.
Not now.
Not ever.
They tell me no, not after all these years.
Because they know as well as I,
The one thing that’d bring me tears would be
Giving up my dream,
My quest to one day be on top,
To be #1,
The very best.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this poem was my personal experiences. I have played softball my whole life and it truly is my passion and my love, but aside from the playing came with a side of writing to colleges day after day after day to try and get a scholarship. I am very fortunate to get the chance to play in college next year, but when I wrote this poem, it was what I was feeling at the time when I was going through the "recruiting" process. It was a hard process, but I was determined not to give up no matter how tough it got for me because softball is what I love and will succeed at!

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