The Shades of the Bumblebee Tree

March 11, 2010
By MiraBella BRONZE, Ogden, Utah
MiraBella BRONZE, Ogden, Utah
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The sun shines down on the world
Like a mother over her child
Her warm hands caress the budding new blooms
With a touch so soft, it’s sweet
The breeze pulls and curls playfully
Whispering songs of newborns
And amidst the touch and whispers
There is a quiet cacophony of hums
What seems a thousand bees gather in work not play
At the bumblebee tree, that blooms yellow

The sun is no longer sweet
She beats down on the world harshly
Burning those who dare withstand her wrath
She is the cruel queen of all
And the playful breeze that pulls
Is only slight refuge from the queen
For though it blows, it always ebbs
And amidst the wrath and refuge
There is a lone bee, tireless
At the bumblebee tree, that shows green

The cruel queen’s rein has waned
She no longer burns but simply watches
She wakes later, for watching is tiresome
And beds earlier to let her brother Moon shine
And the breeze grows like an animal
Its cool breath seeking bare skin
Relentless once it is found
And amidst the shine and seeking
A bee hides from the animal’s breath
At the bumble tree, that is only brown

Her majesty is no more
She sleeps under a cover of clouds
Only descending to make the world sparkle
For it is covered in diamonds
That fall steadily upon each other
Only deterred by the wind’s heavy breath
Panting after freezing so many
And amidst the cover and panting
A bee struggles for life
At the bumblebee tree, that sparkles white

The author's comments:
Every morning when I delivered newspapers I would pass this tree. It was different from any other tree I had ever seen. It always had life around it. Always in the form of a bee. I nicknamed it the Bumblebee Tree and silently took note on what it did from month to month. The tree now holds a special place in my heart, it's always there without fail. I hope everyone has a friend as good to them as the Bumblebee Tree is to me.

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ForbiddenLovers... BRONZE, Somewhere..., Georgia
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This poem made me gasp! I loved it! Please put up more, you have an amazing talent keep it up!

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