Finding Mr. Darcy

March 11, 2010
Masked pressed to your face
As you glide accross the floor
You wonder what fine gents you will meet today

Ballrooms are your favorite places to be
With all the many dresses and men
Tall dark and handsome
But all together unaproachable

Until you lay eyes on him
The man most desired but feared all the same
Intriguing, yet ominous fighting for the spot light

He tries to hide in the shadows
Not wanting to be noticed
But you notice him

You approach him cautiously
Not wanting to drawl attention to yourself
But as you approach people turn to stare

You smile and say hello
Hoping you will get something in return

You and him start up a convorsation
Getting deeper and deeper into it
Then all of a sudden it hits you.

He's your Mr. Darcy

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