The Music Within

March 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Music fills the air
The same music which fills her heart

Fingers fluttering across ivory keys
Sweet is the music which fills the air
And it fills her heart, her soul, her mind
Sweet music soft and fine

Dancing across the room
To her music triumphant and grand

The music within her shines out through her face
When people look there they can see
A joy like no other that lives in her heart
And shines brightly outward to touch their souls
And they have a taste of the happiness that lives within her

Her music she plays, and they dance through the night
Their feet stomping loud and her smile shines bright
And she pours out her soul to the keys black and white
While the hammers on strings brings the sound to great height

The winter comes near and with it she brings
A song of great cheering that rings across seas

With the winter comes also cold fingers which make
Playing the piano a more difficult task
Her fingers may stutter but she plays through the night
And they dance to her music

Cold fingers and toes
And a fever it brings
A fever that burns through the night

The music still sings in her soul and her heart
A song of pain, worries, and fear
But with her song of great joy, she’s not willing to part
So she sings to her family so dear

The last words on her lips were those of a song
A song of triumph and joy

The song of her loved ones; a song of true loss
For the girl with whom they were not willing to part
But they will not forget the love that lived within
The girl with the music on her lips her heart

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