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March 10, 2010
Nightmare’s Fear

Nightmare’s fear is horrible to have in your life. Around every corner of each street. Something is going to pop up and let out a scream. Now everyone stares and you are scared. Why is everyone staring like a bad dream. Will they attack or eat me alive. They are scared and have a nightmare too. Wake up like you. Scared around anyone and everyone. Don’t fear the nightmare and you won’t worry but if you do, you’re in for a fearful ride of your life and can’t let go until the end of the day . even the end of your life.

Deepest nightmare

The deepest nightmare is all dark, shadows, and then nothing at all. Blank or everything but fear itself. Scared to dream or so in the go in the closet because it’s dark too. Can’t go into a dark room with a light or a candle. Something you can’t handle without it. No hesitation too rough to handle by yourself. Afraid to go under the covers or even stay above them because both are shocking to withstand alone. A basement or an attic is darkness nightmare too. Going down their behold a nightmare with a jump and a sceam. Hold on tight and let the sceam run free.

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