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March 10, 2010
By nicole_elizabeth BRONZE, Hubertus, Wisconsin
nicole_elizabeth BRONZE, Hubertus, Wisconsin
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We wonder where the time went
As we waste away another day

Selfishly complaining about not wanting to do anything


Go to school

Visit the family
Why is it so hard to stop
To just take one minute out of the 1440 minutes every day
To be thankful

Thankful for what we have

And who we have
As we look into the west
And see the sun setting on another wasted day

More than what we have

More than everyone else

So that we can be on top, victorious.
Children dream big with no sense of reality
Content with what they have
Needing only the love of their parents
Living every day to the fullest

With no regrets
If only their Ambitions…


could rub off on the adults in our society
our world would be a better place
not only for us…

but for future generations.
Remember to smile at the little things

That often go unnoticed.
Thank the people that impact you even in the slightest way

Just so that they know you care
Smile at a stranger on the street,
It might just make their day.
Be thankful for what you have
Because tomorrow..

It might all be gone

And you will be left to wonder…
What if I would have lived my life differently?

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