the pill popper

March 10, 2010
By w.s.f.z SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
w.s.f.z SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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The Pill Popper

Everyone has pain
That still has remains
And after a long hard day
All she’s got to say
Is that pills take the pain away
It might not help you
But she likes them, she does!
It feels good
Even though it might change your mood
She starts getting chills,
Well that’s what she gets for popping pills
The hallways start to twist as she walks
And then her head hurts like if she got hit with a rock
Nothing changes
It’s just her eyes seeing weird arranges
It’s not like beer nothing seems smeared
She says it’s not crack
And that it’s not wack
It feels awesome
Like if you’d blossomed
Somehow, Someway
Everything’s okay!
You might think it’s just one
But she says it’s like four or five ….just some
After everything is over
She doesn’t feel sober
We tell her to stop that it’s not right
But she says “don’t worry ‘bout it..... ‘Ight
No she ain’t a Show Stopper,
She’s just a Pill Popper.

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