A Boy

March 10, 2010
By toastersteudle SILVER, Muskegon, Michigan
toastersteudle SILVER, Muskegon, Michigan
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The beautiful woman
A rapturous flower

Has been destroyed
By the untamed water
I n c o l d b l o o d

She remains an unforgotten memory
Burning inside the mind

A blissful moment cries
Into the foreboding night

A boy walks along the water
Yearning for the beautiful woman
Inside the mirror of his consciousness

Approaching the door to his home

The place where care was overflowing
From the beautiful woman

Unto himself

Underneath the new moon

Eerie silence

Within the darkened home
He pushes up the stairs

Behind the door lies a bloody knife

A pungent odor reeks of death

The boy stops

A slight p u s h

The door creaks open
A man steps out
Mad with grief

The bloody knife will stab

The boy


Quickly down the stairs

Looking over his shoulder

Tripping on edge

A falter in step

Trapped and petrified

By the bloody knife

The man lunges
And drips glisten
The boy bleeds

Painfully left alive

Leaning against the stone wall
The man

Watches in utter silence

As a warm flickering light
Engulfs the darkened home

Destroying all the evidence

And within the burning building

A boy

The author's comments:
This poem, although dark and sinister, was REALLY fun to write

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