Ode to Unpopular Kids

March 5, 2010
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They are picked last for games,
And people don’t want them as partners,
The ones who aren’t good at sports,
But still try.

They don’t usually have freckles,
Or braces or glasses,
Just normal people,
With out of this world dreams,
Like saving starving students,
Or building water treatment plants in Africa.

They have 4.0,
Straight ‘A’s,
Their grades sing with pride,
But others treat them like know-it-alls.

Not popular,
With few friends,
And no one wants to join them,
But I do.

These people have feelings just like you,
And they hurt just the same,
When you bully or tease them,
And think you are so much cooler.

But get another look,
Because they are much better,
Than any bully or teaser,
And you are so low if you tease,
That I wouldn’t even look at you.

So I hope you feel guilty,
And your heart pops with sorrow,
Pop! There it goes,
Because you see how wrong you were.

So ode to the unpopular kids,
Because they deserve better,
Than what they get.

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