March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

In my mind, I am confused
I am taunted
I am angry
I am twisted
I am afraid
In my mind, I often think
The wrong thoughts
The wrong directions
The wrong meanings
The wrong wanting
In my mind, it hurts
It burns
It bleeds
It screams
It eats away at my sanity
In my mind, I have an eye that sees many things
It sees pain
It sees suffering
It sees loss
It sees cruelty
It sees friends
It sees enemies
It sees me
In my mind I ponder
I ponder the many things that have made me this way
My actions
I am the only one who causes these horrors
These losses
These disturbances
These tears
In my mind, I am my self
I am a monster

The author's comments:
When I wrote this, I was going through a time of suicide and extreme depression. It shows me what I don't want to return to. I would like this to show people this is not the type of place you want to go in your mind.

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