I Love You...

March 5, 2010
By Lilia Vintu BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
Lilia Vintu BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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“I love you, but fear keeps me away,
Can you seriously love me?
For whom I am, for my actions,
I don’t want you to avoid me.

I’m not a perfect lady,
And I don’t want to be,
I am myself; I have my ups and downs,
I want you to love me for me.

You just say you love me,
But you don’t mean it, do you?
You say you miss me!
My heart can’t believe these falsehoods, but I really don’t want to loose you…

If I would be myself around you,
I’ll see you rebuff, forget and live on without me.
Tell me please what should I do?
Can I still have the courage to love you? Or should I accept the weakness to forget u?

At night I miss u deeply,
I’d sacrifice anything to be with you.
My heart, it cries sadly for you,
I do, I do still love you.”

She turns around to walk away,
Her eyes full of tears and heart full of sadness,
She needs him, she needs her courageous sun by her, but all he can do is speechless cry.

“I love you my angel, I love you” at last he said,
“My heart it belongs to you.
My happy days, I share with you.
My sad days are bright because of you my sunshine.
I love you, I love you and I’ll keep saying that because that will never change.
Even if I’ll have to swim the ocean for you,
I will come back to you.”

Rain poured down from high above,
Two hearts share their beating
From now until eternity
And way far after.

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