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March 5, 2010
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There were phonecalls lasting into the witching hour
Once upon a time
Nursery Rhymes
Unthinkable being apart
We are adults now
This is how they behave
All stoic and brave
We can cope now
So don't pick up ur phone,Cause i ain't calling
Am gonna quit wasting n stalling,
Gotta learn to be alone;
It feels weird like hell,
To lose your other half
It's sad enough to make me laugh,
Realizing i wudn't hear that special bell;
I picked out just for you,
ur busy with getting a life
Too buzzed up to hear my cries,
Don't mind me, I'm sorta blue;
high schools fastfleeting,
Blurring into little more than a memory
REAL life is catching up in a hurry,
The world seems to have left me bleeding;
so u'll move to some god forsaken place,
to get an education
i'll go rite across the nation,and try to remember ur face;
We HAVE to talk each night,or else feel incomplete
but it's a two way street,and you already found ur knight;
excuse me while i puke,
i dunno whats wrong
it's been way too long,
i miss being you;
sniffle sniffle sniffle

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