River of Life

March 5, 2010
By NWN93453 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
NWN93453 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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Like a river with its many twists and turns
Some times it flows smoothly
Others fiercely as if you are about to be thrown out of your raft
Your raft is your safety net
When you leave it you take a chance of never returning

Life is like a river flowing endlessly
Sometimes it’s a storm that never seams to end
Others a sunny summer day of relaxation

Life is like a river its waves splashing against your raft
Every now and then one wave makes on to your raft and drenches you
These waves are rude awakenings that keep your reality level in check

Life is like a river each raft has different rules depending on its riders
The rules are never truly set in stone and eventually will be broken
There is one major rule that must never be broken STAY IN THE RAFT
Although like every other rule it has and will be broken
Breaking this rule however usually ends in sorrow for not everyone make it back aboard

Life is like a river presenting many choices
Take a left or a right?
Trust in this person or don’t trust in them?
No matter what your trust will eventually be miss used

Life is like a river your life is always on the line
There is always someone or something trying to take from you
Weather its your money or and item of personal value
You always have to watch your back

Life is like a river your raft is always changing
Your raft can gain or lose riders
Just as you gain and you lose friends
Some friends will fall off the raft others will join a different raft
Some will even be pushed off the by competing rafts

Life is like a river it must be navigated
To navigate the river you must trust in others decisions
The longer someone is in the raft the more his or her decision is trusted
Newcomers must earn the trust of the veterans

Life is like a river there are many points at which it can end but doesn’t
Choices are like the forks in the river many rights and lefts to make
But no matter what it always comes to an end

The author's comments:
From the heart...

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