The Mya Fire

March 4, 2010
By RawrLnRawr PLATINUM, Kewanee, Illinois
RawrLnRawr PLATINUM, Kewanee, Illinois
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I sit here.
Every boring day I
sit under this tree.
Nothing changes in this town.

Music blaring in my ears.
I sit till it's dark and
start making my way home.

I knew,
I just knew that
something wasn't right.
The air seemed thicker,
like smog,
and I looked up from
my shuffling shoes
to a huge flame lighting
the sky.

I yanked my head phones out
and broke into a run.
A screaming fire truck
raced down the street
and to my house.
My house that I left my
7 year old sister alone in.

I saw chaos everywhere,
everyone who lived in
my small town was out side
of my house,

I pushed through the crowd
crying out
"Mya! Mya! Help! She's
in there!"

I ran,
only to be held back by
a police officer.

"Ma'am you need to stay back."
"My little sister is in there!"

No matter how hard I punched,
or kicked,
or bit,
he wouldn't let me through.

I looked up at
the burning house.

It wasn't just a burning
house anymore,
It was a burning block.

The fire had spred
so fast,
engulfing anything it touches.

I steped back and
made my way past the crowd
to a spot that
no officer gaurded.

I sprinted.
A full out run into the flames.

If Mya died,
then so will I.

I looked up as I burned.
All saw for those short
horrible seconds was

standing in the crowd.
Calling out my name.

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