In A Coma

March 4, 2010
We're fading into days that lack distinction
Where life is only what it seems
Without gravity to keep our feet on the ground,
In a world once lost is never to be found,
Meaningless we float, eternally bound
To a limitless sky alive with the sound
of fading into empty bodies left only to watch
As illusions and reality blur as they merge
Under those clouds that trap me in this world
We're almost there, to the point of no return,
Entwined with forgotten lives and wandering souls.
We fit this description perfectly;
Too perfect to live
And not good enough to die.
We're caught in between,
Tangled in our alibis.
Let's get a round of applause;
For making me believe I might actually wake up.
Please explain to me what caused
The heart monitor to race when you speak
And slow when you pause.
Lure me back to sleep.
Where I can fall into a dream
But still hang on to a thread that keeps me alive
Stuck in a coma,
Imagining what could've been, what should've been,
as I'm falling slowly and holding on to the thread,
As I'm falling slowly and reaching for the end.

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