The story of our Life

March 4, 2010
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I peeked up, and saw you sitting there, wondering who the new girl was, with a quiet stare.
I knew that from the start, you held something special, from deep inside your heart.
We both looked away, and then looked back the same, and that was the beginning, i knew it wasn't a game.
Those following weeks and months, I knew we both felt something, and so i tried a little, and you came back with nothing.
The day you took her hand, I was little sad, but seeing you so happy, I thought 'Why not be glad?'
And then when you broke up, i thought we had a chance, but you just wouldn't talk to me, you wouldn't give a glance.
Finally, after forever, you looked at me and said, ' Last year, i liked you, but now i don't', my heart felt like it was dead.
And then it happened every year, you liked me then changed your mind, you wouldn't change, you'd stay the same, you didn't act so kind.
After being friends, and staring deep inside, it just would not work out, not with you and I.
From time to time, we'd talk a bit, but then we broke, we didn't fit.
You used me over, I cannot think, you made me cry, in tears I sink.
You laughed at me around your friends, but laughed with me alone, I told you how I didn't like it, but you just laughed and groaned.
So now we're over, chances gone. It was hard to let you go, but this time it was right not wrong.
The words that made me break in two, were three small words named 'I love you'.
So goodbye if you'll miss me, but I don't think you will, because you just used me over, until I fell.
Until i cried, and couldn't tell that you were gone, none left at all, you left me cold and helped me fall.
And now you see me standing here, crying breaking, shedding tears. Because those years you broke my heart, but again I wont be torn apart.
You took the very best of me, and i hope you look and see I'll never be the same again, but i will laugh and try to see that the one boy he took my heart, he took it and tore it all apart. But now he's gone, we broke away, we fell apart this love- filled way.

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hrsegrl said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 1:01 pm
hi, it's me.. the person that wrote this poem! To all my readers out there: hope you like this poem!!!! thanx...
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