i didnt want to loose you

March 3, 2010
By Anonymous

your cold hands lay gently on my face
your heart no longer has a beat
is this the end of human race

I didnt want to loose you
but there you go
i know i dont want to believe it but it's true

I cry every night
just thinking of you
i told you not to go toward the light

Your face is a shade of pale
and your eyes are dead and dark
why did you take that pill

you killed yourself
and i didnt want to loose you
i recommended help but you refused

now look where you are
laying in bed dead
and this is so hard

i never wanted to loose you
but you took that pill
and you killed you

No longer will i feel guilt
cause i tried to help
but now you lay on that midnight quilt

i just wanted to say
i didn't want to loose you!

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