Let it out!

March 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Scream it out,

scream it loud,

make it heard,

make it proud,

release it to all who caused you pain,

Scream it to those who judged you,

Scream it to those who hurt you,

Scream it to those who deserve it,

let it echo through their heads,

shaming them deep inseid,

breathe into the dark,

watch the clouds pass by,

close your eyes,

lift your head,

and yell.

Make it grow to the heavens,

let it lift you,

let it drown out everything else,

Scream until your breath is gone,

Scream until you arebt in pain,

let it out into the open,

seeping your pain deeper into the moon,

you are done with it all,

don't be afraid,

tell them who you are,

let it all out in a burst,

empty yourself of guilt,



let your heart soar,

never be brought down by the demons,

spill the hope,]scrape the truth,

and let go of it all.

Don't turn your back on the defenseless,

bleed the truth,

relive your failures,

hold your hands up,


F*** the world,

scream it loud!

Take a knife,

nows the time,

let it all out,

let it hit the moolight,

just right,

let it flow into a rythm,

you're ready,

you let it all out,

now you're calm,

and you're sure this is the only way out,

the end will be in blood,

soaking the world.


are you proud of me now?

Even if you don't care,

and promise the skies,

that you will show your real eyes,

and creep to the end.

Closer to the edge,

and slip it to your wrist,

fall to the ground,

your world is upside down,


this is it,

your big moment,

the world starts fading,

blank out,

gone forever,


The author's comments:
This is a poem i wrote when i was extremely upset, and depressed but i thought it turned out well.

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