March 3, 2010
Such a small word
With so much meaning
A meaning of indecisiveness
A meaning of an undecided yes or no
A meaning of hope

It’s a word that makes our hearts skip a beat
When your friend tells you that that boy likes you
It’s a word that causes our eyes to inadvertently peek toward your crush
Because you think that he keeps sneaking glances your way
It’s the first word you can think of
When he asks you if you like him

So much hope in a single word
That can’t help but make us wonder and smile to ourselves
It’s like a small flower just waiting to bloom
And open its lavender colored petals to the cool spring sun
He constantly glances over his shoulder with a smile just to say goodbye even though you know that he'll call you that night to ask for the homework for English class,
And the promise of maybe still hands in the air as she smiles cheerfully to herself

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