March 2, 2010
By monique hernandez BRONZE, Sylmar, California
monique hernandez BRONZE, Sylmar, California
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To shine is the sun, to blow is the wind. To love is the one. So gentle to be touched. So fair is your words. How I love thy.
How I wish the sun never slept when I’m with you. You love so much yet I embrace your every quality. My heart is over filled with so much. To think is to hurt, to breathe is to die. To touch you is to live forever. To think of you is to live forever. Something never felt as I do this very moment writing. It hurts because it’s strong. To kiss is to smile. To love making is being one.
Everything is to cry. How can I show the things I feel? How do I give you everything I feel? Without you the Earth stops, alone, dries up, dies. Forever dead. Never green. Never life. Never blue. Never you. You are the beauty I need to feel. To hold is fullfillness. To be seen is everything. To be loved is my only happiness…

The author's comments:
Mauricio was my complete inspiration with this poem. i had to sit down one day and write my feelings about him on paper. i normally write poems that has metaphors but this one just seemed right. The short sentences are just strong feelings about him i wanted to say and let known.

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