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March 2, 2010
By ItsJoseph GOLD, Caloocan, Other
ItsJoseph GOLD, Caloocan, Other
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Can't do anything, it's so boring,
Can't understand the teacher, though I'm trying,
In no time sure I'll be snoring,
I'll use this time for sleeping

[ Pass it to her ]

I’d have to agree, *smiles*
But don't be naughty,
sure your trying to listen?,
coz' i noticed that your mind is taken.

[Pass it to him]

Oh, it's nothing much,
(But i was hoping there were no aisle)
Just thinking what will i eat for lunch,
By the way i love that smile.

[Throw it to her]

*trying to ignore the last line*
Sure your okay?
You've been like that since last Monday,
Well, whatever that is, sure you'll be fine
(Wish you were mine)

[Kick it across the floor to him]

Oh, thank you,
But can you tell me why you sat there like a statue? *grin*
But don't worry i won't argue,
So tell me, what's new?

[Kick it across the floor back to her]

Nothing much
How about you?

[Pass it to him]

Nothing much also, *smiles*
But there is something I want you to know.

[Pass it back]

What is it?
I have also something to admit.

[Throws it to him]

Go ahead
*Heart beats like crazy*

[Throws it to her]

Don't be clever!
(Feels like I'm gonna catch fever)

[Kick it across]

Okay, just want you to know
*gasping for breath*
There is something in the way you say 'Hello',

[Kick it back to her]

What do you mean?

[Pass it to him]

All i just want to say,
That everyday i hope and pray,
That someday you'll be by my side and stay,
Till' our hair turns grey.
I'm inlove with you, and always I will be.

[Stood up and gave it to her]

Thank you for bringing up my esteem,
Now i know that someone cares for me,
But I wish that everything here is just a dream.

[Pass it back to him]

[The bell rings]

[Times up]

[Everyone even the girl walks out of the room]

[Leaving the boy behind... clueless.]

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