Empty Bottles

March 2, 2010
By Kelly:D BRONZE, Santa Clarita, California
Kelly:D BRONZE, Santa Clarita, California
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If you can be anyone in the world, be yourself.

Can someone give me some bottles? I need a couple, I have filled these with my emotions because all I can help myself to do is bottle my emotions up. If you talk to me I will say im fine, even though I might be dying on the inside. Pain has struck here and there constricting my air. If you ask me about my mother I will tell you the truth, but that doesnt mean im not going to go home and do something I regret. I have been without her for 11years no matter how hard I try I cant shed a tear. I have herd from her maybe about 4 times, but even that cant make me write a happy rhyme. Time and time again it rains and rains again. Fogging up my thoughts. I truly miss you. You may think i miss my mom but i honestly dont. The person i truly miss the most is someone i can count on the most.

The author's comments:
Gahh I sate to say it, but bottling it in is my only alternative.

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