The Dancing Skeletons

March 1, 2010
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It’s my first day on the job
And it happens to be on Halloween
As I sit at my post in the graveyard,
I start to nod off

Suddenly, I wake up,
I get my lantern and check the graves
Every things in place

As I head back to my post,
I happen to bend down and look at a grave
The Grave read, “Sally Simon”
She was only 20 when she died,
I took my hat off and said a prayer for miss Sally

As I opened my eyes,
The grave was dug up and miss Sally gone,
I got up and looked around
But nothing or no one was around

Again I checked the graves
They were all empty!
Maybe I was still asleep
I pinched myself,

As I turned around,I saw a skeleton
How was it standing?
It grabbed me by the shoulder,
It said,“Do not be afraid,”
“I am Sally Simon,”
She said,“Come, join us.”

I shook my head, I closed my eyes
This was a nightmare
I opened my eyes but there was nothing there
I went back to my post.

There was a scary silence.
Then there was a crack
Like the sound of a bone breaking
I felt myself trembling terribly
Then there was a slight jingle

As I went out again,
Something grabbed my arm
It pulled me until I was in a circle
With Dancing skeletons

We danced and went faster and faster
I felt my skin start to slip away
As we went faster,
I noticed that we were rising off the ground
We danced to the sky and were no more

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