My Love

March 1, 2010
By wyattsmama904 BRONZE, Troy, Ohio
wyattsmama904 BRONZE, Troy, Ohio
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The quiet, melody of his voice
The chocolate brown of his eyes
The way his red lips curl into a smile
The soft caress of his hands
The warm touch of his body
The way he moves to give a kiss
This is what I love the most
How much he shows he cares
I love him with all my heart
But forces yet foreseen
Are keeping his touch away
His lips always in a frown
His big, brown eyes so very sad
His lovely face twisted in pain
My face, so tear stricken
Our souls forever mingling
Never letting him go
We will forever be together
He is always in my heart
I am always on his mind
Not a day goes by,
That I don't think about him
His soft skin next to mine
His strong hands holding my head up
Stroking my hair to keep me calm
Oh how I miss his smile
His bright eyes shining with passion
He is my one and only
He is my love

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