March 1, 2010
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The daylight
So piercing
It illuminates your face
Every color vibrates around you
You love the nightlife
In darkness
Seeing the unknown
Every color explodes with life
The crystals shimmer and reflect off every surface
When the sun shines it warms your face
The way you walk with confidence and grace
Speed whips the wind around you

You can hear every heartbeat
But soundless you are
The silent whispers no one but your own can hear, the way you walk is screams discrete
Your face is of beauty, mighty and strong, people look up to you like a shinning star
Your body is hard and cold like stone
Your thirst is unsated the need gnaws inside
You don’t look like a killer but an angel or god
Your face is porcelain white every angle acute
Jaw line is sharp and cheekbones are too
The purple bruises you hide underneath those hazel eyes
They’re scorching and knowing with each loving glance
They show the truth when his fiery lips won’t
His strength is no match for the man of steel
His speed is immaculate with just a blur
His confidence and pride leak with his half-smiled grin

He is a hunter, undefeated at last
But you know you’re like him, he’s met his match
You stare down his glare, green against blue
You circle each other like predator and prey
Which one’s stronger, we’ll find out today
You wait to see who’ll make the first move
You know how he’s scared
It plays on his eyes
He wears on his clothes, cannot tell a lie

Finally you break first
Go down in a crouch
He mimics like a mirror and in one second we pounce
We aim for weakness a spot to kill
Him moving forward just a second too late
Dodging every step and twisting at every turn
It becomes a rhythm
Who’ll win and who’ll fall
He advances and I move one step back
One second too slow and I’ve caught his neck
He stares at me filled with awe
Triumphant I release him filled with love
For I know I’ve won his heart

I may look delicate but never be fooled
With my partner at my side how can we lose?
I can keep up now
We run side by side
One touch of a flower and it’s crushed so fine
Just ashes scattered to the blowing wind
Some live some die
But which one’s which
What if you need to die before you can live?
What if you could live forever, would you?
If you chose life for eternity what would that mean?
When you live forever why to you live?

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