truth of love

February 28, 2010
By samy lutters BRONZE, Buena Vista, Colorado
samy lutters BRONZE, Buena Vista, Colorado
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Its every girls dream
to find their one true love
they search for most their lives
just to find the "one"
not all girls find it right away
but if a girl does, its amazing
she'll find the guy who treats her right
the one who holds her hand
in front of his friends
the one all her friends like
the one who tells her
she is beautiful no matter what
even if she doesnt believe
he'll be the one to treat her as if she is fragile
but when someone threatens or hurts her
he'll be tough
when she's cold he'll give her his jacket
even if it means he freezes
it'll be perfect
a dream come true
its every girls dream to find love
but its the girls you least expect
who actually find it first

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