The Marine

February 28, 2010
By samy lutters BRONZE, Buena Vista, Colorado
samy lutters BRONZE, Buena Vista, Colorado
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Proud and tall
fearless and crazy
you're willing to go
no matter what the cost
putting your life on the line
for the freedom
you know the risks
that you may never come home
but you're not afraid
you stand tall and say "i'm a marine"
stronger than the rest
you're put to the test
it won't be easy
yet you've sworn never to give up
you'll do it all for the freedom
and i'll cry when you leave
knowing it might be
the last time i ever see you alive
but i'll support you all the way
i know it wont be easy
but i wont back down
i'll be strong like you marine
and maybe one day
you'll show up at my door
with that smile of yours
and say "hey remember me?"
ill cry out of joy
and you'll hug me tight
and itll be like you never left me
or on the other hand
i might get an officer
with a telegram at my door
he'll give me that sympathetic look
and say "i'm sorry ma'am
but you're marine is dead"
and crying hysterically
i'll fall to the floor
there will be a funeral and i'll cry some more
but no matter which happens
just remember that i'm proud of you
you're my hero
my Marine.

The author's comments:
This is a poem stating that my best friend Chaz is going to be a Marine.....This is dedicated to Chaz

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