Between a hundred roses

February 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Between a hundred roses,
Lies one small bed.
Just big enough,
To hold her as she rests.

Between a hundred roses
With her eyes closed,
And her hands praying,
She’s never looked so beautiful.
Beside where her head lays,
Is her few favorite things.
And upon her fingers,
Sits a single golden ring.

Between a hundred roses,
Lies a girl without a heart.
She thought she had nothing,
Because of a single little boy.

Between a hundred roses
The same boy who stands,
Right next to her, but looking at his toes.
Maybe her beauty’s too hard to bear.
As a tear falls from him, and falls on her cheast.
Right where her heart would be.
He takes one final breath and wisperes
“I told you I can't live without you”

Between two hundred roses,
Lie two small beds.
Just big enough,
To hold them as they rest.

The author's comments:
A modern day "romeo and juliet" is what i like to think of it. if it can be impoved in any way, please let me know, thanks(:

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