My Muse

February 25, 2010
By Mary Findley BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mary Findley BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Oh Muse, the garden of the earth
The kiss of emerald
On a face of gradual decay
That seems to overtake and destroy
Your natural beauty
The gift of grass and
Meadows and wildflowers
dappled upon
The wide wild embrace
Of Mother Earth
As the freckles on a sun kissed child
Beautiful even in scarcity
HERE I can dreamily dream
of falling stars and eagles whose wingbeats
Softly in darkness dwells.
From the grit of city streets swirling in a gloominess
Where the chrome glint gleam of car metal and budding industry
Are the
coarse splinters of Her hand
So HERE I lose myself
To breathe in the ancient incense
That tells of a simpler time
Alive with the sound of trees
The gentle music that

The olden days
To fall into a serene and delicious rest
Upon the soft earth that is Her summer floral dress
To sink into silence
Enveloped in thoughts and peace
Time and time again
I retire to this refreshing retreat.

In the wilderness we are standing facing each other
My muse, my inspiration

The author's comments:
This piece is full of what my teacher calls "magic words," or words or phrases that are in their own way beautiful and inspired from other poems. It is about retreating and finding inspiration from our surroundings and from nature.

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