February 24, 2010
Like a page non written
Starting point will emerge
In the head,
Is what they said.
My notebook, my journal
Can be my only friend.
I’m the only one who can defend
My self respect.
My only affect in others is my own words.
Strong point in my life has not been heard.
I am only my sisters alibi
My families answer sheet.
Where my two world’s meet
Is only on paper
My words would vapor.
It will be gone.
Blank, is the paper left to swivel my last response
Of what I am.
Joke able at school, with my friends.
Realistic is what I am.
I know people see my families remaining mirror
I can’t make it clearer.
I am their reflection
I’m loved with their affection
With my parent living their own life
Away, alone,
Separated is a better lack of words
But it really hurts to say the parents everyone said would last forever
Are not together.
So my journal is my only good friend.
My sister, the wild child is eighteen
Off on her own
And I’m left alone.

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