All the Kids Gettin' Hurt

February 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Saw a girl the other day
She’d been jumped while walking home
Don’t understand why things have to be this way
Why was this girl all alone??
Questions running through my head
I listened to her story
Made me cry that night in bed
Now I wonder who, doing that, could feel any glory??
Crying hard as she spoke
Her cheeks were wet with tears
Sounded as if her heart had been broke
She’d just lived out her worst fears.
Said she was certain to have a black eye
From being punched by her peer
Feeling hopeless, I question why
Why did this happen to a girl so sincere??
Wish I could have helped her out
Wish I could have been there
To stop the little round-a-bout
Or at least end it in a way that was fair.
Since I couldn’t now I pray
For the girl who got attacked
Lord please hear these words today
Be with the girl and help to heal a heart that’s been cracked.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in honor of a young girl who attends the youth group I volunteer at. She'd had a rough afternoon coming home from school. A peer of hers had attacked her for reporting a wrong act. The girl entered youth group in tears saying she wasn't staying, but instead going home because the police were on their way. My heart went out to this girl and I wanted others to know the pain of being bullied because, like that girl, I too have been pushed around for doing the right thing.

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