A Broken Bridge on a Frozen River

February 26, 2010
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What do you see when you look in these eyes?
Deep inside, there echoes sorrowful cries,
Pleading, yearning for someone to care,
They talk and they whisper because they know I can hear.
Alone and rejected in this cold darkness I sit,
My trust is in pieces, broken and stripped.
They push and they pull at the gaping hole,
But they never stop to think of the life they nearly stole.
I never cared who I’d offend,
But when everyone else was gone and left, I found I hadn’t the strength to stand.
They sit here and say they care,
Yet I’m in the background, just wishing they’d hear.
These tears so willing, they threaten to spill,
My chances run thin, I have nowhere to heal.
Held in place by a shell of synapse,
I’m dangerously unstable, hit the point of collapse.
I can’t hold on much longer, it’s all going down,
The waters too murky, I think I’ll just drown.
Don’t act sorry, I despise your pity.
I just need to be cherished, for just being me.
I’m down too deep for regrets, it won’t matter to lose one,
Yet I prayed He would save me from what I’ve become.

And He did.

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