February 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Yeah I'm breaking at the seams, this scenario I'm in,
Your love twist seems to be something I cant resist.
Though you speak with such emphasize, such passion and drive,
You lack the wisdom to back up your lies.
I'm slipping through your grasp like water in a strainer,
Not so tough now knowing you're not the only gamer.
I play with strategy, wearing a poker face at all times,
Better be a good mind reader to figure out my crimes.
I'm not all innocent, so sensitive and sweet.
I'm tired of being quiet and too cute to be.
My anger is increasing, i feel such rage,
Hah, release the inner beast and watch me break this cage.
From King Kong to Godzilla, see them run,
I'm not holding back this time, prepare to be stunned.
I'm doing this for me, the first time in ages,
These words are flowing out, I'm on 99 pages.
This heart is broken, the pieces are smashed,
You left me here feeling all miserable and trashed.
But I'm bigger then this, I'm stronger then ever,
Watch out peter pan, hooks way more clever.

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