Life of the No-Life

February 26, 2010
By , jacksonville, FL
My phone hasn't spoken in a while.
Surprisingly there have been no alerts of inefficient messages, no mindless phone calls, not even an alarm to remind me that
hey, I should be out living.
No, it just sits there, the screen a black hole giving off no light, no company.
I decide maybe I could at least try to communicate with my best friend, she's always around...
but then I remember
she has recently become
one of the most bothersome people I know.
I decide not to go there.
I think of my other much loved friends,
maybe I can try speaking with them.
Then I realize that they're most likely out
having a life.
It is Friday, after all.
I would never want to interrupt their
oh so exciting
Friday night events.
Nope, not at all.

I sit.
Grab another pizza and turn on some music.
Embrace my pure loneliness
with an attempt at optimism.
I start to catch up with myself,
see how I've been.
A shy slender female tells me I've taken a greater interest in piano.
This is nice to hear.
I'm also informed of my latest goals and I'm shocked at myself;
I didn't know I was so outgoing!
I start to forget the handheld sliver of depression sitting right next to me.
I am told I love to read.
This fascinates me, maybe I should start up again.
I come to the conclusion
that I have enjoyed the life of the no-life.
I toss the unfamiliar black object on the couch,
and I eagerly begin to learn more about myself.
Did you know my favorite band is the Ramones?
I've also recently discovered that I really do ditest most of the people I am forced to see everyday.
Huh, who would've thought.
I relax in my own company
until I hear this familiar buzzing noise coming from a device lying on the couch.
My instincts are telling me this is something I find exciting.
And I immediatly rush to see what it could possibly be.
Oh, look!
A new text message.
I think I should reply, solely for my own entertainment purposes.
But somehow, this doesn't seem as pleasing to me
as it did an hour ago.
So maybe not.

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DreamingOfAlbion said...
May 3, 2010 at 5:35 pm
I don't think I've ever related more to a piece of writing in my entire life. This is so amazing! If one hasn't been in the same position, I don't know that they could understand it. I love this! Even down to the Ramones reference. Great band. Thank you for submitting this. It's amazing!
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